St John’s School Quarter

Delivering a new school site for the children of Frome, connected to green space

In collaboration with St John’s School, the north east corner of the site has been allocated for education.

The building will have practical access from the new parking area to the east and be protective of the existing green corridors that are such a visible and valued feature of Rivers Reach.

new site for st johns school in frome saxonvale

Green Spaces for our Children

This site is connected to natural green space. Compared to the current site on Christchurch Street East, our children will benefit from vastly improved outdoor and recreational facilities.

Use of the new Riverside Park can be maximised for recreational use, sports, play and forest school learning, as well as the ability to cycle and walk to work via new green corridors, enlivening connections with the town centre, and creating people-friendly localities.  

‘it is so important to be investing in our future and that is in the education of the younger generation. I think these small voices should be heard, giving them a good start in life, a safer, greener environment to learn in is essential’.

David Daniels, St John’s School, Governor

Reducing Traffic in Frome

The plan to relocate St John’s School is a balanced solution to land use; no more traffic will be generated to this destination than at present whilst directly benefiting children and the wider school community.

A new school in this location would frame the vibrant, mixed-use urban space around the Central Mixed Use Quarter promoting strong linkage to the existing town centre with points of pedestrian and bicycle connectivity.

Powered by Solar Energy

Mayday architects have imagined a series of simple two-storey volumes with indoor and outdoor classrooms on a southerly orientation with solar shading and courtyards.

Solar panels would meet all the energy demands of the school with the internal space connected by a western circulation axis running north south.