Central Mixed Use Quarter

We will deliver innovative, versatile commercial space where people can live, work and play.

Mixed-use space

The Central Mixed Use Quarter aims to achieve this vibrancy with a ‘mixed use’ block, which sits comfortably within its important heritage context.

The aerial view shows a lively block of diverse uses where people live, work and play. An opportunity arises for a characterful street scene to the south animated by day to day life.

The Western Warehouse

These masterplan ideas will help users identify with the site topography, its history and its wider context.

The Western Warehouse rises to the west and orientates the user around the site, with the spire of St Johns Baptist Church visible on the towns skyline above. In step with global trends towards maximising pedestrian and cycle friendly towns, cities and developments, the design prioritises a mix of pedestrianised commercial opportunities including independent retail, side by side with flexible live-work.

Pedestrian and cycle priority

The aim is not only to minimise car traffic and future congestion on access roads around the town, but importantly to extend Frome town centre as a cultural and commercial destination.  

Successful place-making is crucial and is achieved through the provision of key views to landmarks, characterful architecture, variety of form and sympathetic landscape treatments.