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Acorn’s ‘far from perfect’ scheme is back to the planning board for the third time, and it’s still… far from perfect!

Other than to provide more commercial space up to the policy minimum, their revised scheme is identical to the previous masterplan which Frome has rejected three times.

Email: with 2019/1180/OTS I OBJECT as the subject along with your objection.

5 key points:

1. Saxonvale is the last opportunity to extend our town centre.

Acorn’s revised scheme only provides a minimum of much-needed new commercial space – Mayday’s plan contains nearly twice as much.

There is no other space in the town centre to deliver dedicated commercial space.

2. Insufficient affordable housing.

Affordable housing is planned only for one and two bed flats, all located in one apartment block. As we are facing a housing crisis, Mayday can deliver more for our town.

3. Car-dominated design.

Acorn’s plan is car-dominant with on-street parking increasing congestion in the central zone.

This is not inline with Somerset’s own planning guidelines: “In towns and more urban areas reduce parking provision. Design parking to be unobtrusive in the public realm, avoiding dominance in the streetscene.“ Transport and Planning Policy Guiding Principles

Mayday has pedestrian priority, with parking hidden from view.

4. Excessive density of housing and “out of character” design approach.

Four and five storey blocks of apartments in a grid pattern are an inappropriate architectural choice for a development adjacent to Frome’s historic town centre. This increased scale would erode the prominence of many key historic buildings along the Central Conservation Boundary. The Mayday plan respects the integrity of our town’s history and will preserve Frome’s unique character.

5. Bridge to Willow Vale.

Acorn’s proposal for a riverside bridge to Willow Vale has been comprehensively rejected by residents due to traffic and safety concerns. There has been no attempt to investigate other means like Mayday’s The Blue Way, which better connects the town centre to Saxonvale.

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