Saxonvale still has the potential to be developed as an important extension to our town centre.

We need to provide future employment capacity, much-needed economic vitality, and a landscape of dynamic architectural merit. 

Our plan seeks to create a strong primary public link between Garsdale and Saxonvale along an East-West axis, which helps to connect the site back to its immediate locality and the Town Centre.

Our MAYDAY Masterplan

Our plan is made up of a variety of residential, self/custom build, a new school, business incubation/start-up units, mixed-use live/work units, heritage, and public/cultural uses – all connected up with a strong ‘pedestrian priority’ public realm:

Urban Layout Strategy

The urban layout strategy is based around creating
strong relationships to the site context on the basis
of the following understanding:

The site is broken down by key Axis through the
site, creating a network of connections to the wider
context. The key axis have been defined by the

  1. Garsdale Road as a main access and
    connection running on an east/west axis
    through the centre of the site, connecting to
    Saxonvale Road. This forms a pedestrian
    priority central urban concourse linked with
    strong public and commercial spaces.
  2. Green corridor following an existing natural
    water course and wildlife corridor running
    on a north south axis from the river Frome
    to Vicarage Street. This links the majority
    of the site to important green infrastructure
  3. This breakdown effectively breaks the site
    down into what we have termed Quarters.
  4. Within this, there are subdivisions of areas
    broken down to meet various stakeholder
    requirements for other aspects of the scheme.
  5. The drawings following show the key axis and
    breakdown of quarters.
  6. Within each ‘quarter’, there is a further
    breakdown of secondary and tertiary public
    spaces serving the communities within the site.

Urban Layout Strategy Mayday Saxonvale, Frome
mayday saxonale frome, mayday masterplan quarters

A Plan of Quarters

The design response to each quarter is relative to its
adjacent context and understanding of the site as a

  • Historic Merchants Barton Quarter Connectivity and appropriate scale and character adjacent to the town centre, Silk Mill and Western Warehouse to the south and west.
  • Commercial Quarter Re-purpose and intensify the commercial value of the existing industrial buildings to the north west, stretching down into new amenity linked uses adjacent to the river Frome, and mixed uses to include central live/work opportunities.
  • Central Mixed Use Quarter Bringing Residential scale and character and scale in the centre of the site, with mixed uses to include central live/work opportunities.
  • Hill Village Create a mix of ‘Innox Hill Inspired’ smaller residential homes at the higher end of the site for the tucked away.
  • East Residential Quarter Mix of family homes for a residential character and scale to the south east.
  • Tiny Homes Create parking area against existing level change to south east of site under Lidl supermarket with a Tiny Homes community above, based on local stakeholder consultation.
  • Education Quarter Create a new dedicated area for educational use in the town centre, based on local stakeholder consultation.