A not-for-profit, sustainable plan for Saxonvale governed by the needs, priorities, and aspirations of our town

This vision will be tested by the people of Frome during our outline planning consultation.

Our vision has the following objectives for the Saxonvale site:

  • Employment – Over 11,000sqm of non-residential space, generating the jobs Frome needs, reducing the outflow of workers, and delivering Mendip District Council’s policy.
  • Housing Homes that are affordable (at least 30%), imaginative, reflective of Frome’s built heritage, high quality, and with self-build options as called for by Frome’s Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Community – Saxonvale should be a community, not a development, delivering an ambitious range of place making community spaces, buildings for community use, and a public open air Lido.
  • Landscape – Spaces designed for people, surrounded by spaces that capture the essence of Frome’s character.
  • Environment – We recognize there is a climate emergency so the Mayday plan nurtures and protects the natural assets of the site.
  • History – We respect the surviving heritage assets of Saxonvale, part of Frome’s unique character.

We are developing a fully costed and funded plan for Saxonvale

  • Our architects, Andrew Kirby Architects, have developed a full site plan.
  • Our cost consultants, Macegreen, have completed a detailed costing analysis for the entire plan.
  • We have established Stories as our preferred joint-venture partner, who will provide access to the necessary funding and delivery expertise.
  • After a successful public consultation, our Masterplan has been submitted for planning permission with MDC.
  • ‘it’s completely obvious a development based on a social enterprise will grow and thrive and contribute to the well being and balance of the town and will therefore be sustainable.‘
    Bay Deane

    How are we going to do it?

    The foundation of our vision is a plan that is realistic, commercially viable and deliverable. We’re not dreamers. We want to make it happen and deliver for the people of Frome.

    We will take our plan through the following steps:

    1. As we have now obtained outline planning approval for our masterplan we now need Somerset Council to compare both ours and the Acorn plan, fairly and transparently to ensure the right plan is taken forward for the future of Frome.
    2. We will work with our team of professionals and our preferred development partner Stories to ensure our plan is fully costed and fully funded – we will be ready to deliver.
    3. Negotiate with Somerset Council to acquire the Saxonvale site.
    4. We will then work, together with our social impact development partner, to develop the site in line with the established design code.
    5. Mayday Saxonvale will retain a variety of buildings as community assets, such as the Western Warehouse, Lido, and Spa. These will be used for community benefit, and any profit will be reinvested in Saxonvale or other Frome community needs.