A New Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise in Frome



Mendip District Council and Acorn Properties are seeking to impose a planning scheme on Frome in Saxonvale against the wishes of the town.

The Silk Mill and Andrew Kirby Architects have created a fully viable not-for-profit alternative and if an option can be agreed with the District Council, will fund a full planning application. The model used is for self-build and local investors and would relocate St John’s School to a new, greatly improved site.

Frome could lead the way in community-focused housing and development solutions for Somerset’s new unitary authority but it won’t happen unless we can change the minds of our District Councillors who are still behind Acorn’s anti-democratic plan.

Please support our Mayday alternative and don’t let Acorn wreck Frome.

Five Steps - a short FILM that explains the process. Please register on Click Button below.

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