A New Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise in Frome

MAYDAY Saxonvale: Where Are We Now?

“Development in Saxonvale must be led and governed only by the community of Frome.”

Cllr Lindsay MacDougall, Glastonbury St Marys


On 28th January 2021, Mendip Planning Board voted 11 to 3 in favour of Acorn’s Saxonvale high-density housing scheme. Councillors ignored the impressive 260+ letters of rejection from local residents. 

They sustained objections from all three of Frome’s formal consultees:

  • Frome Town Council
  • Frome Civic Society
  • Frome Chamber of Commerce

Baring the Civic Society from speaking at the meeting. 

This crosses a line in local democratic procedures. Councillor’s voted against Mendip’s own policies. 


Far From Perfect.was the key phrase repeated by the Planning Board.


We would like to know: 

  • Why has Acorn not been asked to resubmit their “far from perfect” proposal? Resubmit an amended scheme or withdraw as Mendip’s economic partners.
  • With such an important site, why does this development not have the approval of Frome’s legitimate representatives. It should not be politically imposed. 
  • How can the public trust a development which goes against local planning policy? 
  • Why is Mendip Council not defending its own policies? Policies that were consulted and voted on.
  • Where is the financial transparency? We do not know how much Acorn has agreed to pay for the site. 
  • Why has Mendip Council not followed their own policies on job generation in Frome? This is Frome’s last remaining town centre employment site. A site to deliver the commercial space the town desperately needs.


The Mayday campaign is launching its next phase. 

An alternative not-for-profit plan putting the needs of the town and Frome’s community at its centre. Our plan far exceeds local housing and employment targets for Saxonvale.  It highlights imaginative design and sustainable green infrastructure. 

Our Mayday Saxonvale Plan will provide: 

  • A far greater amount of affordable housing
  • A substantial amount of live-work accommodation and entrepreneurial space
  • A greatly expanded commercial zone
  • Greatly increased leisure and community resources for the whole town
  • An essential new site for St John’s School


Frome can have the Saxonvale development the town so desperately wants and deserves. We know the wait has been long and frustrating for many. We are here to ensure that this wait has been one hundred percent worth it.




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