A place designed for people, surrounded by spaces that capture the essence of Frome’s character.

Above: Looking down Merchant Bartons towards St John’s Church, heritage features as natural wayfinding – old town wall on the left.

Left: Looking towards the river across the central axis, covered Market and Press Shops 1&2 – Notts Building.

The Mayday plan takes Frome’s unique character as it’s starting point

Principles of Landscape & Urban Design

The Mayday plan works to the following principles

  • Human scale. Walkability: Pedestrian friendly streets, limited use of cars except access. Unified surfaces – slow traffic.
  • Connectivity: interconnected streets, hierarchy of narrow streets, boulevards and alleys.
  • Quality of architecture & pattern of place.
  • Defined character through materials and heritage features being drawn out.
  • Quality of life: created by connections of people and activity which create culture.
  • Urban hydrology – uncover the historic springs and waterways – make visible rainwater and use in the streetscape.
  • Opportunity for delight – food growing, play and places to stop and engage.

From these principles, the following landscape and urban character layers to the landscape follow


Work with landform.

Frome’s steep hills form part of the landscape character, working with the landform of Saxonvale creates a unique environment and sense of place.


Bring water into the streetscape.

Showcasing existing network of springs along with active drainage of hard surfaces to add a sense of place and playfulness to the spaces.

Key Spaces – Culture – Heritage

Create active spaces for people.

Connect into existing network of active spaces, particularly along the river. Allowing a range of spaces from active, to ‘Staying Spaces’.

Axis – Connections – Network

A network of streets.

Street spaces have a defined hierarchy, allowing comfortable and engaging pedestrian movement around and through the site.

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