The Mayday Way

As we continue our Saxonvale story and step into the next phase of the process, we ran two public events at Frome Town Hall and online. The events shared a deeper insight into our approach and the outcomes we aim to achieve for our community in Saxonvale.

‘Community Owned’ Vision 

We share our vision for the community owned spaces and buildings in Saxonvale. We are bringing this participatory plan to life, and presenting some initial proposals.

Speakers included:

‘Community Design’ Vision

Presentation of a design update to our community centric ideas, including an alternative to a bridge over Willow Vale. There are also further details about an energy microgrid, community gardens, and additional housing. We delve into our alternative approach to development and how it will enable us to ensure the maximum return for our community of Frome in Saxonvale. 

Speakers include: