The Team

We are people who care about the future of our town, Frome

Damon Moore


As a Director of The Silk Mill, since 2005, Kate and I have opened our door onto this special site. We are very passionate about Saxonvale’s place in Frome’s rich employment and manufacturing history. I hope we can protect our heritage whilst boosting the essential economy of our town centre’.

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Paul Oster


‘New to Frome, I was drawn to the town by its community and entrepreneurial spirit. Mayday Saxonvale is an exciting opportunity to help this spirit to continue to flourish in the future.’

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Kate Moore

Team Coordinator

’Running the Silk Mill, I take real pride in the part cultural organisations play in making Frome such a special place and the way Saxonvale is developed will be make or break. As a former teacher, I feel strongly a new school site close by the town centre will enrich our community life’.

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Holly Lawton - cycling the riverpath frome, Mayday Saxonvale

Holly Lawton

Website, Content & Publicity Manager

‘Growing up in Frome, I’ve watched it grow into the vibrant community it is today. I feel Mayday Saxonvale will preserve our town and help it continue to thrive.’

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Katie Butcher

Social Media Campaign Manager

‘I feel Frome is ever changing and growing which is wonderful to see. The Mayday Saxonvale project will give the local community a say on how it grows, and bring more opportunity and business to the town centre.’

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Stories logo mayday saxonvale development partner

Development Partner

Stories, a socially responsible property development company. Our joint-venture partners will provide access to the necessary funding and delivery expertise for the scheme.

Andrew Kirkby architects logo mayday saxonvale
Andrew Kirby, Lead Architect

Andrew Kirby has a passion for sustainable design and building technology. He studied the principle and importance of sustainable development for two decades before the Climate Crisis was announced. He has been driving towards sustainability his whole life.

Jonny Buckland, Associate Architect

Johnny Buckland is an associate architect for the Mayday Plan. His practice is currently based at Silk Mill Studios, Frome in the upper western quadrant of Saxonvale and has a particular focus on sustainability, the environment and community-led development

Macegreen, Cost Consultant

Macegreen are employed as cost consultants as part of a important process to ensure costs and viability are established from the outset.

Urquhart & Hunt, Landscape and Ecological Restoration
Catherine Woolfitt, Heritage Consultant
WCI, Drainage & Civil Engineering
Landstory, Landscape Architect
Ruddlesden Geotechnical, Contamination & Remediation
The Landmark Practice, Ecology

Trace Design, Traffic & Transport
Devon Tree Services, Arboricultural Services