Bridge to Saxonvale: The Blue Way

A proposed pedestrian connection from Saxonvale Riverside Park to Frome Market Place along the side of the Blue Boar and Blue House

An alternative bridge proposal

As part of our outline planning, we are looking to resurrect an idea for a different connection within the town centre and Saxonvale. A new bridge could replace the previously proposed bridge from the Riverside Park in Saxonvale across to Willowvale.

Concerns were raised regarding the current crossing to Willowvale, that it is a dangerous location. With traffic/deliveries, a high number of pedestrians, and no pavement on the riverside – it isn’t suitable for a bridge in that location.

The new connection would be across the waterway adjacent to the Blue Boar and opposite the Blue House: The Blue Way, Frome

The Blue Way

The new connection would be across the waterway adjacent to the Blue Boar and opposite the Blue House: The Blue Way.

This new connection would be situated to safely channel pedestrian traffic from the Cheese & Grain and car park into Saxonville, avoiding Willow Vale. 

We propose that the bridge will sit a bit of a distance away from the Blue Boar facade and cross over and create a new pedestrian riverside walk-through into the Saxonville site. It would connect the Marketplace, and the High Street back to Saxonville in a positive way. It would create a safe space for pedestrians to enter this side of town instead of using busy King Street.

The site

The surrounding buildings are made of local stone and this walkway would open up this beautiful historic area of the town.

Windows from the Blue Boar face the river and there is enough landing space for the bridge on both sides.

Site for the proposed blue from Saxonvale to Frome Marketplace
Propsed Walkway plan from Saxonvale along the
Blue Boar building to Saxonvale

Bridge design

The walkway will be separated approximately 3m from the Blue Boar building. The design will avoid foundations in the middle of the river. The waterway needs to be kept clear so a structural analysis would be part of the next step.

We will look at ways we could playfully play with the structure to still create the free flow of water and maintenance requirements below.  

The Blue Way Bridge Presentation, by Jonny Buckland – Studio Saar Architects