Commercial & Community Space Frome

Are you interested in commercial or community space within the Mayday Saxonvale plan?

Expressions of Interest

We welcome submissions from any type of organisation or business, and at any stage of your growth. There are multiple types of workspace available within the Mayday Saxonvale plan, so whether you need a self contained building, office or studio space, retail or food and drink, we may have space that will suit you.

If you register your expression of interest then you’ll be the first to know as we open for more advanced discussions.

We may show, but not share, your information with our commercial partners or Mendip District Council as the landowner. This will strictly be for the purposes of understanding the level of interest. By submitting this form you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy

Saxonvale Site Aerial 3d from river Frome with Lido

Who is Mayday Saxonvale?

Mayday Saxonvale is a not-for-profit social enterprise incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. Our sole objective is to develop the  Saxonvale site for the social, community, and economic benefit of Frome and its inhabitants. 

We have agreed Stories will be our joint venture, and development partners. Stories are a socially responsible development company. 

Together our joint venture company will take a different, community led, approach to developing the Saxonvale site with a focus on ensuring that the site remains true to its historical significance as a centre for trade and commerce. We are committed to creating a mixed-use site with a sufficient and policy compliant quantity of commercial space being made available to local businesses looking to expand and thrive.