Riverside Park

When communities come together, wonderful things happen

A dedicated amenity area to include a Lido,
park and play areas for children, a cafe/
brasserie, and a boutique hotel

Sited in the lower central area

Riverside Park will deliver a dedicated amenity area to include a Lido, park and play areas for children, a cafe/ brasserie, and a boutique hotel.

The Riverside Park is an additional space available to the school as well as a recreational and leisure resource for the town centre. The importance of open spaces is drawn attention to in Frome Town Design Statement, (4. Settlement Character). The
integration of the riverside is also stated as an aspiration of the Local Plan Part 1 Vision.

Public Outdoor Lido, Riverside Park, Saxonvale Frome

An open air public lido, brasserie and boutique hotel

Lidos have been enjoying a revival across the country.

The Mayday plan brings a public Lido to the town, on a riverside setting, for Fromies to swim in the open air.

Riverside playground, bridge and picnic area

We will create a riverside park for our whole community to enjoy. Located on the banks of the river Frome, a playground and picnic area will be available to relax, play and enjoy.

The site will be connected to Willow Vale by a pedestrian and cycle bridge, giving access to the Rodden Meadow and the River Walk.

Riverside park playground saxonvale frome

A landscape with new opportunities

A Formal play area will be developed with equipment, along with an informal play area integrated with SUDs features, to promote natural learning like balance, jumping, climbing between trees and plants.

A new bridge connection along the south of the river to the Blue Boar – the Blue Way.

A boardwalk or river deck will be delivered for seating and enjoying the sunshine, with an open lawn area for events and gatherings.

Productive fruit and nut trees will be planted and foraging will be encouraged, with planting to strengthen biodiversity.

Something Playful for Frome

Natural Play experience will be delivered through equipment and also through more informal incidental experiences within the landscape.

Play equipment will be high quality and ‘natural’, for example, made from timber and rope to promote natural development in children.

Materials that arise from site management work, for example, coppicing/pollarding to be transformed into natural play elements. Swales and bioswales will have interactive elements for play, climbing, jumping, and balancing, and with water play features.

Something Playful for Frome - Maypole Swing, Crocodile swing bridge and tractor tyre tunnels - Frome Somerset. Playground Saxonvale.

“Local people now consider the river as an asset to the town.”

Local Plan Part 1 Vision

Community Owned Assets

A range of buildings and the public realm to be owned by, and directed by, the community in perpetuity. This includes the riverside open air lido and hotel.

These assets will be places where the priorities of the community can play out.

Where these assets return a profit, these will be fed back into delivering further social value in Saxonvale and Frome.