Judicial Review Challenge

Acorn’s Saxonvale Planning Consent Quashed By High Court Judge

Judicial Review: Judge rules that employment space policy was misrepresented during the determination of Acorn’s planning permission, for the Saxonvale site in Frome

A high court judge has upheld the judicial review challenge to Mendip District Council’s Planning Board’s decision to approve Acorn Property Group’s Outline Planning Application for Saxonvale.

Misrepresentation of Local Planning Policy

The challenge centred on the misrepresentation of local planning policy, which directed that a required level of employment space be provided within the Saxonvale site in Frome. The result of this judgement means Acorn Property Group no longer have planning permission of any kind for the Saxonvale site.

Critical Importance of Saxonvale Acknowledged

The decision by the judge acknowledges the critical importance of Saxonvale in providing a genuine town centre extension. Judge Jay ruled that Acorn’s Scheme for Saxonvale failed to provide the requirement of the Council’s own local plan for much needed employment space to be located on the Saxonvale site.

Frome’s Economic Future Protected

Not only has our economic future as a town been protected, but feel we are on the cusp of a momentous step forward with Frome leading the way towards an alternative, community-led development model. We are now one step closer to realising the right plan for Saxonvale which meets Frome’s housing, social, environmental, cultural and employment priorities.

Saxonvale’s Only Developer With Planning Consent – Mayday Saxonvale

The only developer with planning consent for Saxonvale is Mayday Saxonvale. With the judicial review behind us, we look forward to sitting down with Somerset Council to progress our alternative plan in due course.

Together we will create Saxonvale to be the genuine town centre extension Frome deserves.