River Gardens

Living with shared community gardens

Our master plan has been driven by this idea of allowing each quarter or each housing area to have the capacity for a communal Garden or community space that’s shared as well as each dwelling having its private community. 

This type of garden provides spaces for community connection between people from different demographics. Community gardens encourage residents to be more socially and physically active and develop stronger ties to the area.

River gardens - community garden examples Frome, Saxonvale

River Gardens

The development is 36 units in two two blocks delivering both private space and communal space for each unit. This section is not looking at providing townhouses, but looking at being slightly denser to allow for duplexes and flats, where every unit has a front door off the street.

We are aiming for the units to be layered up one above the other, allowing for roof terraces and external space at higher levels.

This is one of the views that we created, which is looking at the architecture as a placeholder, but showing the possibilities for providing PV installations and usable rooftops for external community then trying to sort of draw a focus into how these spaces in between might work. Looking at the types of uses for communal spaces, like trampolines, pizza ovens and a greenhouse this image tries to evoke what this space could be. What a community garden could provide – shared growing space, shared eating space and coming together space

River Gardens Saxonvale

More space for wildlife

The River Gardens will replace the Education Section from our plan providing more housing. Where previously in the plan there had been Playing Fields running right up to the river’s edge, with this new scheme we’ve been able to pull back significant use for the community in terms of footpaths and give a little bit of land back to wild and natural trees and forest, creating more spaces for wildlife to flourish.