Hill Village Residential Quarter

We will deliver homes that are imaginative and reflective of Frome’s built heritage

Inspired by Frome’s iconic Innox Hill

The wonderful intricacies, patterns, and ‘ad-hoc’ beauty of Innox Hill inspired a design approach responsive to the topography of the site and important existing features like the Old Town Wall leading down from The Merchants Barton.

A pedestrian ‘crossroads’ sits at the corner and entrance to the Hill Village, with strong traditional features of the walls anchoring the development to the site and leading you into this secluded quarter.

Food growing, high biodiversity landscaping and intimate public spaces

Meaningful ‘place-making’ is key here, and as the design for this area develops through consultation, there is an opportunity for a diverse pattern of community homes and spaces looking into shared inner courtyard space. The design will encourage food growing, high biodiversity landscaping and intimate public spaces where residents can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, while still feeling connected to Saxonvale and Frome.

Important sight lines to St Johns Church and Vicarage Street from pedestrian links to Hill Village keeping pedestrians and residents orientated and connected to Frome. Intricate links and connections lead into the housing itself and raised pavements form new ’shared space’ frontages for neighbourly social interaction, and spaces to sit outside and enjoy the morning sun, or views and sunsets to the north west.

The sloping nature of the site gives the backs of the houses the opportunity to have sunken ‘greenhouses’ facing south east and west and an additional covered area connecting back into the home. Whilst Hill Village feels like a hidden part of the site, this makes it no less important to add to our inspiration to create an intimate and inspiring place to live for potential future Saxonvale residents.