Commercial Zone

We will deliver a transformative level of new commercial space

commercial zone and public spaces mayday saxonvale frome

Press Shops 1&2

Press Shops 1&2 will deliver over 2,000 sqm of commercial space. Repurposed to accommodate flexible modular commercial space alongside a business incubation management plan; the aim is to provide attractive and varied opportunities for Frome’s growing independent business community.

The retro-fit approach utilises the pre-existing architectural resources from the twentieth century built for the engineering industry.

commercial zone and public spaces mayday saxonvale frome

Notts Store

This building will deliver over 1,500 sqm of commercial space. The roof structure of Notts Store at its southern end is stripped back to provide a covered market and a linked interior and exterior public space which can be used for cultural and commercial events throughout the year. This can function in all seasons and through the use of mezzanine levels, offer additional commercial units above.

Through careful demolition, some curtilage of the Press Shops would be removed allowing for a wide, tree lined pedestrianised route to be created; connecting the southern quarters of the masterplan to the river. Business premises located in Press Shops 1&2 would have active fronts along a busy thoroughfare and linking to the footbridge at Willow Vale to access Rodden Meadow and the town centre.

To maintain a predominantly pedestrianised feel, carparks and carpools are mainly located at site peripheries. A two storey car park is to the west of the Press Shops relocating the Mendip carpark opposite M+S and caters for the needs of new commercial capacities.