Tiny Homes

We will deliver homes that are affordable, with empowering self-build Tiny Homes.

Custom build at Saxonvale

Tiny Homes form an essential part of the Mayday Masterplan representing a starting point for people wanting to construct their own well-living environment.

We have designed a space in the plan which is efficiently integrated into the two-storey or stacked parking infrastructure, and working with the contours of the land, a rooftop platform can support this new Tiny Home community.

Your ‘mini’ ideal home

An efficient pattern of 3.5m x 7.5m ‘starter plots’ will offer custom build opportunities for home builders to create their ideal mini home.

The custom build model means you can design and build your own home in the allocated space and height, which will bring inventiveness and variety in its own right projecting important sustainable principles that have been championed in Frome.

The design layout is integrated with raised bed food growing areas for each home, but along the Tiny Home ’street’, spaces connect up to larger communal areas. Green infrastructure ‘cascades’ over and onto the vertical wall of the parking structure to form ‘green walls’ which allow for significant wildlife habitat for biodiversity gains on the site.

Andrew Kirby Architects has investigated growing walls for clients across a number of projects and this proposal is founded on well-established principles. The overall rooftop arrangement creates an inventive and cost effective use of space for start-up homes, and brings light into the development from the south and views to the north.